Each term we offer a number of workshops for parents. They cover a range of subject areas and are usually well attended.

Parents suggest themes and topics for future workshops through our evaluations and questionnaires. If you have a suggestion- please let us know!

In the past our workshops have included: Reading, Phonics, ICT and Fronter, Science (Keeping Healthy), Arts (glass painting), Maths (calculation strategies), Philosophy for Children, Maths (problem solving), Autism, Behaviour.

We also offer regular coffee mornings and drop in sessions for parents. These take place in our ‘cottage’ a separate building in the school playground, where our learning mentors are available to support parents with a range of issues.

Upcoming Parent Workshops

Date Focus Year Group
Monday 9th September


Meet the teacher

The teachers will explain their expectations and give you information on the learning for this year. The meeting will only last for  20 minutes.

  All year groups
Wednesday 25th September 9.00-9.45am Year 6 Secondary Application

Support will be given to complete the compulsory online application for a secondary school place.

Year 6
Tuesday 8th October      9.00 – 9.45am Flag Making for International Evening  All year    groups
Tuesday 5th November 9.00-9.45 am Year 1 Phonics

This workshop will support you with helping your child to decode letters into their respective sounds.

  Year 1