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EYFS at the Aquarium!

This week Early Years went on a fantastic adventure by bus to the London Aquarium. We were excited to see the sharks, turtles, penguins, jellyfish, starfish,   seahorses as well as a variety of other sea creatures and plant life. We especially loved walking on glass over the shark tank (but some of us were scared!) […]

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Year 4 Reading Cafe

For the last 2 weeks, Year 4 at both Snowsfields and Tower Bridge have hosted their Reading Cafes: “I learned a lot today by coming to the Reading café with my son. I get to read with him in his class. And I enjoy it.” “I liked reading to my mummy, and going through the […]


A Tale Unfolds filming project with Yellow Class

We have been working really hard with a company called ‘A Tale Unfolds’ on a film making project about the negative impact plastic has on the environment and especially on sea life. Our main objective was to create a film to encourage people to stop throwing plastic and all sort of non-recyclable rubbish. We want […]


EYFS at the Sea Life Aquarium

The children in Butterfly and caterpillar classes had a fantastic time at Sea Life Aquarium on the South Bank. It has been a very successful trip and a lot of it was thank you to the people who assisted us with our volunteers and adult ratios so a huge thank you – it made the […]

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Year 3: Reading Cafe

Both Year 3 classes across the federation recently hosted their reading cafes to parents. Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend. The children have enjoyed sharing stories and their new books with you. “I like that Mum sits quietly for longer to listen to me read without my sister chatting at […]


Huge turnout for the Tower Bridge Election

As part of our learning about life in Great Britain, Tower Bridge held their own mock election on Thursday. The children watched Newsround clips about the main parties and then were taken to the Polling station in the library to cast their vote.   Later that day, after the polls had closed, the School Council […]


snowsfields General Elections 2017

We have run our own general elections today to decide who the next prime minister will be. We watched the different political party 60 second guides and discussed which party would look after us the best.  In class, we talked about democracy and how important it is to cast a vote. When it was time […]


Dear Parents and Carers, As you will all be aware there was a major incident at London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday night. I would like to start by saying that all our thoughts and prayers are with those who were caught up in these sad and tragic events. I know that many of […]


Due to the ongoing incident at London Bridge, Snowsfields and Tower Bridge Primary schools will be closed on Monday 5th June. Please check your texts and the website for further information. We will let you know about Tuesday as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding


Year 6: F.A.V.S

Last week Year 6 visited London City Mission as part of their R.E and History learning to discover Faith In Action Victorian Style. We dressed up like Victorians and we saw old buses and we drank tea. In the Victorian times they would sleep on a rope. we went back in time to explore the […]