Tower Bridge Primary continues to be a Good school.

Tower Bridge had an Ofsted inspection on the 9th and 10th of October 2019.

Because Tower Bridge was already judged as a good school at our previous inspection in 2016, we had a Section 8 two day inspection with one inspector. The purpose was to see if the school remained a good school and therefore the report does not contain individual grades for each of the key areas: Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development Leadership and Management and Early Years.

The inspection was under the new September 2019 framework. The new framework is very different to previous frameworks; it is a tougher process and focuses more on the curriculum and going deeper into chosen subjects (Deep Dive).

As you will read, the inspector was extremely impressed with our school and what we continue to achieve. Here are some of the headlines:

“Pupils feel safe and cared for because leaders prioritise their welfare.”

“Pupils are enthusiastic in lessons.”

“Pupils achieve well here.”

“Teachers plan lessons to build on what they already know” and “sequence activities carefully”.

“Leaders have high expectations for all pupils. The school’s inclusive culture reflects this.”

“Leaders make sure that safeguarding is their number one priority.”

We will continue to work tirelessly on school improvement, but are happy in the knowledge that Tower Bridge continues to provide an excellent education for all our pupils.

Please click below to read the full report:

OFSTED report October 2019 – short report

OFSTED report January 2016 – full inspection

You can see details about how our results compare to similar schools and schools nationally by clicking on the link below.

DFE Performance Tables


Parent View is available by following the above link.

In school we carry out a Parent and Pupil Survey twice a year.

The results are published in our Annual Report to Parents which you can find on our curriculum page.

What do parents say are the best things about Tower Bridge?

Lovely staff, very welcoming.

Makes my child feel safe and making progress in their education.

My daughter gets to experience friendships from different backgrounds/ school is inclusive and helps new kids feel welcome almost immediately/ big classes and good outside area.

How friendly the staff is and how easy is to communicate with them.

Friendly and sense of community.

I am happy that he his learning and making friends in a safe environment.

Teacher’s involvement with kids is really good. Furthermore Halal food menu is very important for us, really appreciate it.

Focused on teaching in ways that make children learn in and take interest in learning new things.

The atmosphere is great & my son is very happy. He’s improving all the time.

It’s close to home and when she’s in school she’s enjoying it and learning a lot.

Communication and its non-judgemental approach so far.

The welcoming of the headteacher morning and afternoon and my daughter feels happy to go to school and she happy at the end of school.

The wonderful staff and leadership, the amazing diversity in the school and how that is recognised in the children’s schoolwork and activities, and how happy my child is at the school.

The people are respecteful.

The staff have been wonderful since E started school, we have also seen real progress and E is happy. We cannot thank the team enough for their hard work.

Good communication, also they go above and beyond to accommodate each child needs.

The staff are committed to the students.