School Leaders

Children in Key Stage 2 classes can apply for the different roles available that include School Council, Digital Leaders and Science Leaders. To become a leader children complete an application form and submit it. Applications are then shortlisted and children are invited for an interview.

Children applying for the School Council are voted in by their peers.

All successful candidates wear different coloured jumpers and meet fortnightly with a member of the Leadership Team or Subject Lead. The School Council share their own and their class’s ideas, communicate back to the class about decisions and help to organise and run key events.

School Council

Head Girl and Head Boy

Message from the Head Girl

I enjoy school and I want to make others feel the same way about it. I always stay focused in my lessons, therefore I am a good role model to the rest of the school. I am very helpful and a good listener so I will make sure that everyone’s ideas are heard and shared.

I will represent the school and it’s core values well.

Message from the Head Boy

I will be a good role model as Head Boy because I demonstrate the core values of the school. I am resilient and always try my best. I will listen to what others have to say and make sure that they feel that they have been heard.

I look forward to making a difference.

Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders will develop their own subject knowledge and that of other pupils within the school by offering support and leading assemblies. During Digital Leader meetings, the children will try out new technology and software before it is introduced to the school, and will be consulted as to how it could enhance our curriculum.

Science Leaders

The Science Leaders will promote Science and help shape how it is taught in our school. They will attend regular meetings and liaise with teachers, giving feedback from pupils about Science lessons. They will also help to plan assemblies and deliver them to the rest of the school.