Every September our school job center opens. Children in Key Stage 2 classes can apply for the different roles available that include School Council, Digital Leaders, Science Leaders and Sports Leaders. They complete an application form and submit it to the Leadership Team. (See below for an example of the application form) Applications are then shortlisted and children are invited for an interview. Children applying for School Council are voted in by their class mates. All successful candidates wear different coloured jumpers and meet fortnightly with a member of the Leadership Team.

Application form

Digital Leaders

At Snowsfields we have a group of children who help support the delivery and development of ICT within the School. Since their introduction at Snowsfields in 2012, they have worked hard to improve not only their own subject knowledge but that of other pupils within the school. They are always on hand to support in lessons and at times run lunch clubs for children across the Key Stages. During Digital Leader meetings, the children are given the opportunity to try out new technology and software before it is introduced to the school, and are subsequently consulted as to whether it would fit within our curriculum. We believe it is important to take in and understand the views of the children as it is ultimately them who will gain and benefit the most from what we choose to introduce.

Sports Leaders

Our Sports Leaders have a passion for sports as well as healthy choices. They attend meetings to discuss sport and health, reporting on ideas and suggestions from their peers. They encourage others to make healthy choices at lunchtime. The Sports Leaders also support children to be active in the playground as well as helping to collect playtime equipment and keeping the resources tidy. In the summer term they will assist in organising Health Week and will be helping with relevant assemblies. Our Sports Leaders are raising the profile of sport and healthy living throughout the school.

Science Leaders

This year, Snowsfields Primary School held interviews for Science Leaders. Many pupils with a passion for Science applied for the roles and after interviews were held, four pupils were appointed.  Alongside promoting Science amongst their peers, they will help shape how Science is taught in our school.  They will attend regular meetings with members of staff and liaise with teachers, giving feedback from pupils about Science lessons.  They will also help to plan assemblies and deliver them to the rest of the school.

School Council

Every September each class from Year 3 to Year 6 nominate and vote for a girl and boy to represent their class on our School Council. Those chosen in Year 6 become our Head Boy and Head Girl. The School Council wear red jumpers and meetings are held once a fortnight. They are expected to be positive role models to the other pupils, and take on additional responsibilities around the school.

Head Girl

As head girl, I will contribute in a positive way by putting a smile on everyone’s face and making sure that all the children feel safe and comfortable and new students feel welcome and loved.  I will also provide as much help as possible to everyone around the school and in the playground.

As a head girl I will be on my best behaviour at all times, be responsible and be a good role model and leader.  I will continue to work very hard on my schoolwork so that I can motivate others to do the same.

I will represent Snowsfields well and continue to keep a high quality reputation that the school has gained over the years.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to being the best that I can be.

Head Boy

As an elected head boy and this is a very proud moment for me!  Since I started attending Snowsfields Primary, my dream was to be a head boy because I wanted to represent my peers.

I will help everyone to be kind towards each other so that together, we can help Snowsfields continue to be the best school ever.  I will represent the ideas of my peers so I will encourage all the children to come and discuss their views with me.