All uniform can be ordered and paid for online by following the links below for your child’s school. You can choose to pay to have it delivered to your home or it can be delivered to school free of charge.

You do not have to purchase any uniform from the providers below. Uniform purchased from any high street store or supermarket is acceptable as long as it is the correct colour for your chosen school. We also have available each term preloved uniform which can be purchased for a small contribution or you can exchange uniform your child has grown out of.

Robert Browning

Children wear red jumpers or cardigans, white shirts and grey trousers, shorts, skirts or red and white dresses.

Snowsfields and Tower Bridge

Children wear navy blue jumpers or cardigans, white shirts and grey trousers, shorts, skirts or blue and white dresses.

All Federation Schools

Please mark all school uniform with your child’s name. Please make sure your child wears sensible shoes to school.   It is also best if your child is able to do up his/her shoes on their own!

Sweatshirts with the school logo can be purchased online, however this is not essential. Any uniform in the right colour is acceptable.

Children should not wear jewellery to school.  However, if your child has pierced ears, they may wear small studs only. Watches are allowed.

PE Kit: Pupils need to wear clothes suitable for physical education on PE days, as classes are timetabled to receive 2 hours of PE per week (one indoor and one outdoor). A PE kit should consist of:

  • PE shorts/ Tracksuit bottoms / Leggings
  • T-shirt
  • Trainers

Our Year 3 pupils receive swimming lessons from a professional swimming coach at a local leisure centre. Pupils are required to pack the following:

  • A full piece costume or trunks
  • A towel
  • Swimming cap