It is very important that all children attend school unless they are too ill to do so. Parents who take their children out of school without permission may be referred to Educational Welfare. The school does not authorise any term time absence for holidays and parents may be fined if time is taken. Any long term absence could result in your child losing their place. If your child is ill, please let us know as soon as possible.  If the school has any concerns about a child’s attendance or lateness the Education Welfare Officer may be contacted.

The school’s attendance figures continue to be good and remain above the national expectation of 94.8% and above the average figures for the whole of Southwark. Our target is 96%. This continues to be a challenge. Attendance is measured by the DFE over the Autumn and Spring terms only, however we monitor attendance every week for the whole academic year. Children earn points for their class towards a termly medal and cup for good attendance and punctuality. Good attendance is so important and links strongly to the progress children make in school. This continues to be one of the school’s priorities.


It is very important that children get to school by 9.00am. Lessons start straight away. Our gates open at 8.45am and the children from Year 1 to Year 6 can go straight up into their class.  Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children are collected at the end of the day by parents and carers over 16 years old from the classrooms.  Key Stage 2 teachers will bring the children down to the playground to meet their parents. Children who are not collected by 3.45 will be taken to the school office who will contact parents or carers to arrange collection.  If there is no response, the school will contact Social Services to provide care for the child.  This is really distressing for the child, so please make sure we have up to date contact numbers for you at all times.