Our new Governing Body of the federation of Snowsfields and Tower Bridge is chaired by Kim Milward-Oliver. Our aims are as follows:

  • To ensure the school is a safe environment for all.
  • To ensure we are aiming for the highest standards of academic progress and results.  This includes encouraging all pupils to achieve their best.
  • To create an environment which is friendly, open, supportive and respectful of all.

We meet regularly with the school’s leadership team and also try to visit the school to spend time with pupils, staff and parents.

Although your first point of contact is your class teacher and the leadership team at the school, we are always open to hearing from parents and anyone connected with the school, including anyone interested in becoming a school governor.

Here is the full list of current governors:

Brian LocheadCo-opted Governor
Sarah ChandlerCo-opted Governor
Kim Milward-OliverCo-opted Governor – Chair
Winston YapCo-opted Governor – Chair of Resources Committee
Lara Stacey Local Authority Governor
Johnny DavisCo-opted Governor
Katie SandsCo-opted Governor – Chair of Curriculum Committee
Izabela SzmidtCo-opted Governor – Vice Chair
Nick Staples Co-opted Governor
Lisa RowlandStaff Governor (Tower Bridge)
Richard Welsh Staff Governor (Snowsfields)
Ligita BreiteryteParent Governor (Tower Bridge)
Innocent AmehParent Governor (Snowsfields)
Katherine WooderHeadteacher
Sarah ManleyAssociate
Michelle OwensAssociate
Helen ViggianiAssociate
Laura NeuvegliseAssociate
Zohra BenotmaneAssociate

brian-1Message from Brian Lochead – Chair of Governors 2015-2016

Kate and I debated whether I should write separate letters to parents of each school…but the decision was easy as this year we celebrate the first very successful year in The Bridges federation. And within the federation, I am delighted to report on excellent years at both Tower Bridge and Snowsfields and all involved should feel really proud to have been part of such an impressive success story.

Just before everyone switches focus to the summer and a period of well deserved rest, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the school year about to end and the prospects for the year ahead.

No surprise that the overwhelming highlight it is the excellent result from the Ofsted review of Tower Bridge. Credit must go to all involved in this great achievement and critically this was achieved within a new strong federation and not to the detriment of a drop in standards at Snowsfields which could have been a risk. So well done to all including pupils and parents who are key to achieving such milestones.

Other highlights included Tower Bridge being awarded the Silver Healthy School Award (and we know how much focus is placed on Healthy living nowadays), participation in the Southwark Maths hub and a really great initiative under the “Be the Best You Can Be” banner.

As for next year, I would repeat what I said last year within my Snowsfields end of year letter as I am a big fan of
continuity and focus and therefore it is all very simple….More of the same and you all have a key role in play to making sure that The Bridges keeps improving and continues to be seen as a shining example of what can be done in Primary Schools where Governors, Teachers, Parents and let’s not forget children, work together in harmony.

As always, I would like to take this opportunity to say farewell to our Year 6 pupils and their families – we wish them all the best as they continue their journey through  secondary school and of course beyond. I hope you can remain strong ambassadors of your “old” primary school.

Finally, on behalf of the Governing Body I would like to thank everyone involved in the school community for their continued hard work in making the school a great place to work and learn. I wish you all a restful summer break.