He’s behind You!

On the 27th January 2017 year 5 & year 6 from The Bridges Federation were given the chance to watch Hansel & Gretel at The Peacocks Theatre. We loved the fact that we were in mixed groups with children from Tower Bridge and learnt many things about each other. We chatted all the way to the theatre..
The Pantomime was very entertaining and we would love to go again. There were characters who were acting as the opposite gender which made us laugh a lot!

We are very thankful that PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) who gave us the opportunity to watch such an amazing show. It was packed with songs, fun and entertainment!

Humaira and Lateefah

At the pantomime we saw lots of comedy and drama. We enjoyed the different scenes, music and how they changed the lyrics to make it fit the scene. Most importantly we really just loved going out with our friends and watching the spectacular performance. We hope we will get to go again and would like to give a massive thank you to the school and PwC for this amazing opportunity.

Hannah and Ella