International Week celebrated Black history Month with a special focus on scientists and inventors.

The children have spent this week writing biographies, creating portraits and writing poetry to be read aloud at International Evening.

We had learnt about Bessie Coleman as part of Black History Month. On Tuesday and Wednesday we made portraits of her in the morning. In the afternoon we made models of planes on foam. We cut out the pieces and painted them. After that we came to International Evening. We ate food and I did the drumming performance. At the end I took a picture with my family and went home. Akilah

This year’s International Week was sensational. Year five learnt about Bessie Coleman, the first black female pilot in the world! The thing that stood out for me was International Evening. The drummers that had been practising for that very special evening also there was various types of foods like: bread, cake, chicken and lots of snacks. During that week we made portraits of Bessie Coleman, made mini planes in honour of Bessie and flags for International Evening. Zaki

At International evening I ate mouth-watering food. Then we had to do a drumming rehearsal and that was great. We were very nervous if anything went wrong. The audience came down and watched us do the show. First drumming, and there were no mistakes. Then me and Samia read Imagine. The choir sang amazing and tuneful songs. The fashion show started and I was first to pose. We had to walk across with our stunning outfits and show off. Overall I was glad to participate. Safaa