2017 Road Safety Campaign


We are really proud of our year 1 and 2 children who took part in the 2017   THINK! logo road safety campaign!

‘I was asked to take part in a road safety film and I loved it! My favourite part was when the director gave me a microphone then he could hear me talk to him when he was wearing his headphones. I had to be really loud so all the people who watched the video could hear me!’ P.V Y2

‘The road safety day was really fun because we got to dress up and sing a song about being safe when crossing the road. I learned how to keep myself safe and said some important lines when I was dressed up as a police officer.’ L.F Y2

The Latimer group were commissioned to make two short films to educate children on the right way to cross the road. The Bridges Federation students helped to demonstrate and explain how to cross the road. The department for Transportation and Latimer wish to pass on huge thanks to the schools for their support!’
Stephanie Wrate
Head of Production