On Friday 6th July, Snowsfields and Tower Bridge met at Southwark Park for our annual sports day.


The parent running group kicked things off by running the 5km course with staff members. We were so thrilled that new parents joined in. Well done to all those who took part.

Children then ran, took part in athletic events and we ended the morning with lunch and sprint races.


Thank you to all the parents, staff and James who organised the event. Please see our weekly newsletter for updates on how much money was raised for Cancer Research. IMG_7160.TRIM(1)

On Wednesday 11th July, both Snowsfields and Tower Bridge Year 5, along with a Year3/4 class from Robert Browning Primary School and others, took part in Southwark Splash Anthology.
The children have been rehearsing for weeks and all the hard work paid off.

Snowsfields dazzled us with some amazing dance moves, Tower Bridge and Robert Browning wowed us with 8 amazing songs!

Thank you to all the adults who supported them, and to the parents who were able to attend too.

What lucky schools we are to have such amazing children!

On Wednesday 9th May, children from the Bridges Choir were invited to sing at the Grand Reopening of London Bridge Station.​ Enthusiastic and excited, the children worked really hard on their performance ready to shine at the event.

On Wednesday the choir went to London Bridge Station for the grand reopening. We sang 3 songs which were: 3 little birds, Dancing in the Street and Starman. After our performance Prince William, the future King, spoke to us and asked us what sports we like to do. We were told that we were going to be on the news that night! Samia and Rubie


We left at 9.00 and met a lady called Teresa who led us into our own rooms. Then we got some of our own     t-shirts and someone said there would be a special guest. We went to the stage to practise singing. After a while we were ready to perform. First we sang Starman, Three Little Birds, and last but not least Dancing in the Street. We finished performing and had to wait for Prince    William. Then he came to us and asked if we like sports and that we were great singers. After we made our way back to school. Zach


Today me and 8 other children with Snowsfields went to the grand re-opening of London Bridge station! We sang 3 songs: Three Little Birds; Dancing in the Street and my favourite, Starman. At the end we met PRINCE WILLIAM! After we met the Royal we had a drink and went back to school. Zaki


As we prepared to sing we were delighted to find out that one of the special guests at the opening was HRH the Duke of Cambridge! On an amazing stage, which was built in the middle of the station. We sang Starman, Three Little Birds and Dancing in Street. The audience really enjoyed our singing. . After leaving the stage, we were able to watch the rest of the ceremony as the Duke of Cambridge officially opened the station. Sophie


At the end of ceremony, the Duke spoke to us all about our singing and asked many questions about the school and our interests and hobbies. We were excited and thrilled to have met the future King.It was an amazing day that we will all remember. Anjuli


The Little Half

On Friday 9th March, we ran 2.4 miles around the Snowsfields playground. We had to use our resilience and run non-stop so we could receive the Little Half medal and t-shirt. We were all determined, parents, children and teachers! S.M Sports Leader

Today we ran for thirty minutes straight. We ran with adults, parents and some Tower Bridge children. During the run the people hosting the big half and little half took pictures of us. Then we all went back up to class and showed our medal and T –shirts to our class and explained what we had to do to be in the little half. Next year, we will have more children will take part because they my class friends were all impressed with our amazing medals. R.S Year 5



On Wednesday 28th February, Year 5 braved the snowy conditions and went to Westminster as part of their learning about Democracy.


Year 5 went to Parliament. The journey was really cold because… THERE WAS SNOW! The last time it snowed was in 2009! 30 minutes later we were just outside Parliament but you would think it would take 5 minutes to get inside, but it actually took half an hour because of the biggest queue ever! While we were waiting in the queue we were freezing! When we got into Parliament all the suffering we had in the queue was forgiven…right when you arrive in Parliament you see a glistening ceiling that is pure gold! We got into groups. I was in Melissa’s group. We saw about 90 paintings – all beautiful. It was an experience I will never forget!

Tower Bridge and Snowfields schools will be closed tomorrow  Friday 2nd March due to weather warnings and travel disruption. We will reopen on Monday 5th March. Keep warm and stay safe!


We will be closed today due to the adverse weather conditions. We will keep parents informed by text message about tomorrow. Stay safe, stay warm. World Book Day will take place, we shall reschedule and see all your wonderful costumes soon!

This year the school council decided to raise money for the NSPCC -National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children- so on Wednesday 21st February all the children had a ‘Wear something green’ day to support this charity.
We had some representatives from the NSPCC come in and talk to us about what they do and why it is important to stand up and speak out if we think something is wrong. They taught us the Childline number which is 0800 1111 and we found out that it is completely free to call too!
We all had an assembly and the year 5 and 6 had workshops too.
​The children across the Bridges Federation managed to raise £299.35!
Thank you to everyone who wore green and donated £1 to this important charity. Sali and Zaki

Last week, as part of our people who help us topic, we had the police and firefighters visit our school. The police talked to us about their job and how they keep us safe in our community and what number to call if we are in trouble. The firefighters showed us all their equipment they use to help people in trouble, talked to us about the importance of smoke alarms in our homes and we even got a chance to use the fire hose and sit inside the fire engine! It has been a very interesting week for Caterpillar and Butterfly class to ask lots of questions and learn new information.

In September 2016 we introduced the ‘daily mile’ for the children at the Bridges Federation. We noticed that this had a brilliant impact on the children’s health and well-being. They were more resilient and focused in class too.

Following this success we wanted to include our parents and staff too. We knew that many of us wanted to run, but we didn’t for a range of different reasons. Maybe we lacked childcare in the evenings, maybe we didn’t feel confident or maybe we just didn’t know where to start! So the Bridges Running Club began.

On January 5th 2018, full of new year resolutions, a small group of staff and parents met in the playground nervously, ready to begin a journey from ‘couch to 5km’. The group successfully completed week 1 of the NHS programme and the word started to spread.

The group has grown each week as we welcome new members and we are continuing our running journey- walking, running and meeting new faces. At the end of each session we are all still smiling!

If you would like to join us, we meet every Friday at 8.55am in the school playground. You do not need to be experienced, everyone is very welcome. If you have any questions about the group, please feel free to ask a member of staff and we’d be happy to help!

As we progress over the term we hope to take part in a parkrun at Southwark Park, or maybe a Race for Life in the summer.

It has come to be an annual tradition where year 5 have been involved with the Lantern Parade at Potters Fields and Hay’s Galleria, kindly organised by Team London Bridge.

Helen Harrison runs the lantern making workshops and always manages to think of wonderful Christmas themed things that can be made into lanterns. This year we made penguins, candles, robins and holly.

It takes around three days for the children to make the lanterns and the process starts with using bamboo sticks to create the basic structure and shape. Once this has been done, tissue paper is then used to create the exterior of the lantern using a large amount of glue to strengthen the layers.

Once they are dry, Helen is able to insert the battery powered lights ready for the parade.

At the parade, the lanterns are carried along Potters Fields to the stone steps where the choir sing some songs while the lanterns are held above them. From there the children walk to Hay’s Galleria, accompanied by those who have come to watch, to see the Christmas Tree lights  being officially turned on. The choir then finish the evening by singing a few more songs under the tree.

It is always a special and magical evening which the children love being part of. The current year 4 are already excited for their turn…

Click on this link to watch a short video of the parade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMOgs5P6Rfw