Lessons in Law

Year 5 have been lucky enough to visit City Hall to enhance their learning about the Ancient Greeks. Nancy and Caitlin wrote this report of their experience:

On Wednesday 8th February 2017, we lucky Year 5s went to City Hall. When we arrived, the co-ordinator, who was named Richard, educated us about what London was like in the past. When Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament and when London held its first Olympics; unfortunate times in London, such as the Black Death that killed half of London and the Great Smog. Afterwards, Richard gave us a tour around City Hall, like the meeting room but we had to be silent because they were having a meeting and it was on TV! We went to the top of City Hall to enjoy the views of the river Thames and the landmarks along it. We had a really fun time. DSC00612 DSC00613 DSC00614 DSC00616 DSC00617 DSC00618 DSC00619 DSC00622 DSC00624 DSC00625 DSC00626 DSC00627 DSC00629 DSC00631 DSC00632