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Lucy took a photo of us and cut it in half. We put half of the photograph and then we drew the other side of our faces using lots of different colours. When we drew the other side we coloured it in neatly and in the lines.


We had to colour in our faces neatly and make sure that there was no gap. We also had to draw the other side of our faces the same as the photo so we had to concentrate and not rush it.


Looking closely at my photo, I added all the distinctive details of my face. If I made a mistake I would go over it again. In the background of the portrait we drew random horizontal and vertical lines but no too many so that it created squares and rectangles.


​To colour in our portraits we had to choose either cool or warm colours. Warm colours are red, orange, yellow and pink. The cool colours are blue, purple and green. We used these to colour in our faces, features and the background of our portrait. The effects are really cool. It’s like we have taken a photograph and coloured it in.

For our portraits in Year 6 we used pop art as our inspiration and made our very own pop art portraits. We first, took our time to observe our photographs and  looked intently at our facial features . We had to be very careful when drawing our portraits so our pictures would come out great! We then coloured in our portraits in vibrant colours and added dots to give them depth. After that, we drew a thought bubble where we wrote our aspirations for the future.
Overall, the entire process was really fun are brilliant!